Jamie is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who harbours a passion for adventure.

Jamie Waller

Raised in Bethnal Green, East London, Jamie benefited from the supportive efforts of the Imps Motorcycle Display Team and the Prince’s Trust. Both these charities strive to improve the lives of underprivileged young people, and they remain dear to Jamie’s heart. Upon retiring from the Imps at the age of sixteen, Jamie started his first business. Since then, he has launched and sold multiple businesses, maintains majority ownership in several businesses, and invests in numerous others throughout the world. 

Jamie is the Founder and past Chair of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Network, sponsor of the Imps Motorcycle Display Team, author of ‘Unsexy Business’ and ‘The Dyslexic Edge’, and an active investor in global Enterprise. When not at work, Jamie can be found completing some of the worlds most exciting adventures.