Jamie is the Founder of the Jamie Waller Foundation, the immediate past Chair and Founder of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Network, and the Sponsor of the Imps Motorcycle Display Team.

The product of a charity and real-life evidence that they work

Jamie joined the Imps Motorcycle Display Team at age five, a charity established to provide underprivileged children from East London a head start in life. His eleven-year tenure with the Imps significantly shaped him and he remains deeply involved in their efforts today. The unique opportunity provided by the Imps, often missed by many inner-city children, instilled in Jamie a self-assuredness and a propensity for risk-taking, attributes that have significantly contributed to his career successes.


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Founder of the Jamie Waller Foundation, the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Network and Sponsor of the Imps

As the title sponsor of the Imps and a supporter of the Prince’s Trust, Jamie’s involvement extends beyond mere patronage. He is the Founder and former Chair of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Network, a group he established on the Trust’s behalf in 2021. This network, comprising entrepreneurs who dedicate their time and resources, assists young people in the UK to start, expand, and scale businesses. As a fervent advocate for young entrepreneurs, Jamie is on a mission to develop a sustainable infrastructure for the Prince’s Trust, one that will serve future generations for over a century.