Jamie writes about self development and business. 

Published Books


Unsexy Business

Unsexy Business is a ‘how I did it’ masterclass with over 100 tips of ‘how to’ as Jamie meets twelve entrepreneurs that are making huge amounts of cash in remarkably dull sectors. Each chapter features a UK leading entrepreneur who talks about the challenges and opportunities of working in so-called boring sectors and how they made millions in the process.


Life After Exit

IN DEVELOPMENT: Life After Exit is in development. It’s a masterclass with over 200 tips of ‘how to’ plan, prepare and action a life after selling your business that is as exciting as the life you had starting, building and growing the business. Jamie meets twelve entrepreneurs that exited their businesses by selling them for millions. Their ‘life after exit’ however, did not live up to expectations and in this book, they talk about the challenges they faced and the opportunity to plan before selling your business for a ‘life after exit’ and the absolute requirement to do so.