An entrepreneur with a focus on creating businesses and charitable ventures,  Jamie is driven by the belief that successful initiatives have the power to transform the world and is an advocate for dyslexic entrepreneurs. 

The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

Jamie started his first business age sixteen, cleaning peoples windows. Age eighteen he launched a car sales business on the high street but due to new parking regulations, was due to close a year later as customers were unable to park. That afternoon Jamie recognised an industry was being born and with months had started work on behalf of UK Government billing and collecting payments for non compliance with regulations.  A year later he left that business due to a dispute with business partners and overnight, started again. In 2016 Jamie sold JBW Group and started a new business, six days later in the financial services technology sector called Hito. After a successful launch and growth stage Hito was sold to a large public listed Japanese outsourcing firm a short while after. 

Not one to stand still within seven weeks Jamie took ownership of Arum (2017), a butique consultancy firm in the finical services sector.  A business he grew across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. During this period he launched a subsidiary business, Just (2019). Just fast became one of the most successful organisations in its space, and now works on behalf of some of the largest government and public listed organisations across the UK. In 2023 Jamie became a significant investor in PT Pods and since selling his first business has invested in thirteen other UK and US based organisations. 

Jamie is a creator at heart and prefers to start businesses rather than invest in other people’s ventures. 

BUSINESSES AND investments