The Property Funder Podcast – A Chat with Jamie Waller, The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

Ep. 56: Unlocking the Power of Diverse Minds with Jamie Waller, The Dyslexic Entrepreneur. Join me, Michael Dean, as I sit down with the remarkable Jamie Waller in our latest episode of the Property Funder Podcast. Jamie’s incredible journey from East London kid to entrepreneurial success is truly inspiring.

In this episode, we dive deep into:

Jamie’s path from IMPS Motorcycle Display Team to founding JBW Group, which he sold for over £40 million.
His revolutionary approach to the debt recovery industry, advocating for ethical practices.
The power of neurodiversity and dyslexia, and why we need a more inclusive education system. Jamie is also a published author, having written The Dyslexic Edge with co-author Dr. Helen Taylor. This is a real area of importance to me as two of my sons are neurodivergent, but also highly talented.
The significance of fitness, mental health, and the wisdom he’s gained from mentorship and family.
Jamie’s insights are a game-changer for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, neurodiversity, and personal growth. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!

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