Reduce the Number of Dyslexic Prisoners & Increase the Number of Self-Made Millionaires – The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

Reduce the Number of Dyslexic Prisoners & Increase the Number of Self-Made Millionaires.

We often hear that dyslexics excel in delegation because they can’t do things themselves, or they are great communicators because they can’t write well, or they’re resilient due to repeated failures.

Such stories suggest that by underserving dyslexics, we somehow make them better. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Making life harder for us doesn’t make us great; it likely contributes to the high number of dyslexics in prison (50%) rather than explaining why many become entrepreneurs (35%) or self-made millionaires (40%).

Dyslexics are inherently equipped with entrepreneurial skills. We are natural thinkers, explorers, and innovators, driven to seek new information and think globally. These skills are innate, not beaten into us by hardships.

When we are underserved, our natural abilities are suppressed, leading to hardship, inequality, and a reduced quality of life. Instead, if we are supported with learning platforms designed for how our brains operate, we can thrive and contribute significantly to the society.

Let’s change the narrative. Let’s support and serve dyslexics correctly to unleash our full potential and reduce the number that make their way to prison and increase the number that get to the front page of Fortune Magazine.

Thought of The Dyslexic Entrepreneur, Jamie Waller

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