Dyslexia and LinkedIn – The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

If you’re Dyslexic and have not added Dyslexic Thinking to your LI profile yet, we other dyslexics need your help.

LinkedIn has over 1b users and yet only ~20k of us have updated our skills to represent one of our biggest skills.

Displaying Dyslexic Thinking helps others by changing the stigma attached with being dyslexic. It helps those with dyslexia get a job, it helps those without recognise and respect dyslexia as a skill, and helps employers locate, find and employ dyslexic thinkers from around the world.

Let’s get the 20,000 current LinkedIn members that list Dyslexic Thinking as a skill to over 100m which would be a fairer representation of society and probably the LinkedIn user base.

Thoughts of The Dyslexic Entrepreneur, Jamie Waller

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