Brave, Bold & Brilliant – A Podcast with Jamie Waller, The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

On this week’s Brave Bold Brilliant ® podcast, talks once more to Jamie Waller, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, who’s here to discuss his new book, “The Dyslexic Edge,” which challenges the narrative that views dyslexia as a deficit or impediment to success, presenting compelling research to demonstrate quite the opposite.

In this episode, Jamie shares personal anecdotes and insights from his interviews with inspiring business leaders, including Sir Richard Branson. He also talks about the misconceptions surrounding dyslexia, highlighting the unique strengths and challenges faced by dyslexic individuals.

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The book “The Dyslexic Edge” was inspired by a conversation with Richard Branson about dyslexia and the need for case study-led material on the subject.
Dyslexia is not just a disability but a trait of being an explorer, with unique ways of learning and thinking that can be beneficial in various aspects of life.
The book features personal anecdotes and stories from individuals with dyslexia, showcasing the challenges and triumphs they have experienced.
It’s important to change the narrative around dyslexia from being seen as a deficit to being accepted as a norm in society.
Embracing dyslexia and being open about it can lead to greater self-acceptance and understanding, allowing individuals to thrive in their unique ways of thinking and learning.

Jamie’s book will be released on the 12th of September 2024. You can pre-order now from this link

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