A Difficulty with Learning or just a Certain Type of Learning? – The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

“Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling,” says the British Dyslexia Association. But should we still label dyslexia as a learning difficulty, or rather as a difficulty with a specific way of learning only?

We often consider creativity a special form of learning. Learning is a diverse experience, and everyone has unique methods of absorbing and processing information. Those with dyslexia are often labeled as poor learners. However, they typically excel in various other forms of learning, showcasing extraordinary creativity and problem-solving skills.

While it’s crucial to preserve and pass on existing knowledge, especially in times of rapid change, it might be even more essential to embrace new methods of learning – methods that prioritise exploration over traditional reading and writing.

Dyslexics often thrive in environments where they can create new knowledge through hands-on experiences rather than absorbing information from books and lectures. Let’s redefine our understanding of learning and recognise the unique strengths that dyslexics bring to the table.

Thoughts of The Dyslexic Entrepreneur.

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