Jamie embarks on extreme adventures worldwide, leveraging these thrilling pursuits to raise critical funds for causes that are near and dear to his heart.

How it started

Jamie’s spirit of adventure sparked at age five when he began motorcycle display riding. For eleven years, he was a member of the renowned Honda Imps Motorcycle Display Team, performing worldwide. Since 1986, Jamie has continued his association with the Imps in various capacities, from team member to Chair of the Trust, and is now their title sponsor. Jamie’s love for riding extends to off-road adventures both on and off the track. If you’re interested in sponsoring an upcoming adventure, taking part in one, or featuring a challenge in your media coverage, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Engaging in some of the most demanding and awe-inspiring challenges, both on Earth and beyond.

In 2004, Jamie embarked on a remarkable sailing journey, traversing ~3000nm across the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, he has sailed over 10000nm with plans to circumnavigate the globe. Jamie’s adventurous spirit has also seen him trekking at high altitudes in the Himalayas, white-water rafting in East Africa, backpacking across Southeast Asia, and cycling through most of Europe.

Currently, Jamie is undergoing training in preparation for two desert enduro dirt bike rallies. In the pipeline is a monumental expedition – a trip to Space.

Upcoming adventures include:

Space travel ~ 2025