A letter to Sir Keir Starmer Re: Dyslexia, VAT and School Fees from The Dyslexic Entrepreneur

A letter to Sir Keir Starmer Re: Dyslexia, VAT and School Fees.

Having spent nearly two years studying dyslexia, talking with academics and interviewing dyslexic people from across the globe, I am concerned that there are many parents that wont be able to afford the additional VAT liability on school fees. I am particularly concerned for those parents that are sending their children to private schools to help with their special needs.

As such I am asking the Leader of the Labour Party to consider a dispensation for those children with dyslexia and other special learning needs. This will reduce the negative impact of this policy on those children with special needs that are already in the state system – which in my experience is already very stretched.

The state school system needs more investment into special needs education – not more demand.

I should be absolutely clear – my children have not been diagnosed with dyslexia so I have nothing personal to gain from this. I simply want to support those that are getting dyslexia support, either from the existing state system or private schools.

Thoughts of The Dyslexic Entrepreneur, Jamie Waller

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